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“Teaching by precept is a long road, but short and beneficial is the way by example....”



  • Training modules

    DAF Trucks

    For DAF Trucks we have developed learning environments in which a number of order, billing and maintenance systems are explained. The target audience is the dealer network across Europe. That is why we offer the learning modules in 13 languages. We have also developed instructional films, simulations, interactive assignments and tests that are housed inside these learning modules. The courses are offered through our PantaPresenter and are linked to the existing DAF academy.

  • TechniekXL


    The TechniekXL foundation consults workers in the engineering industry about possible training paths. This is achieved in an online environment in which participants can choose their training paths and obtain a skills passport that is developed by PantaMedia. TechniekXL is a partnership between employers, employees, training funds, industry associations and individual companies. Their common goal is to promote continuous learning. The skills passport is recognized and supported by all parties involved and is therefore of great value to both employer and employee.

  • Galaxy

    A + O Metalektro

    Galaxy is the combined effort of social partners and A+O Metalektro. This digital learning environment supports workers in the metal and electrical industry in their constant development. The platform visually resembles a galaxy. Inside of the Galaxy it is easy to quickly obtain information in knowledge objects, follow a complete learning module in a learning object or directly apply your gained knowledge in an experience object. There are also planets that are filled with company-specific knowledge. These objects and their content may be created and maintained by the companies themselves. This way Galaxy is used as a knowledge platform. In addition, the Galaxy offers employees the opportunity to build their own portfolio of work and learning experiences. Both the University of Technology of Eindhoven and Twente are closely involved in the development of Galaxy.

  • Auping Academy

    Royal Auping

    In service of Royal Auping we have developed the Auping Academy for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The Academy is used to train both employees of the Auping Factories as well as sellers of various Auping formulas. The Auping Academy contains films, animations and assessments. The content is maintained by Auping through a CMS. Results of the participants are monitored and course arrangements are prepared with the help of a LMS. Participants can be invited to partake in set courses through the LMS.

  • Doers Coach


    The learning environment DoenersCoachen was developed for the knowledge centre of Aequor. This application aims to facilitate the trainers with information about student internships. The subject of "communication" has been given a major role in this learning environment. In addition, much attention has been given to how to deal with students with ADHD or PDD-NOS.

  • Result Based Funding


    Cordaid is a Catholic development organization that has been working for centuries on poverty reduction and development aid for the poorest. One of the projects of Cordaid is "Result Based Funding". For this project we have created both an online and offline learning environment that is used in training projects in several countries in Africa.

  • Conversational techniques


    The practical trainer or mentor is in daily contact with students. He or she coaches, gives instructions, leads conversations and assesses the students on their results. But how do you communicate smoothly and effectively with the student? What can you do if a conversation does not go as you had originally planned? To answer these questions we have developed a learning environment with interactive films especially for trainers and mentors who would like to use more effective conversational techniques. The films offer the possibility to determine the course of a conversation. At the end of each film it is explained what the consequences of your choices are.

  • Occupational Tasks of Civil Engineering

    Soma College

    SOMA College offers professional training with regards to civil engineering. We have developed a learning environment with simulations for the occupational task training of Ground Engineering Machinist. These simulations are used to instruct the students before they practice with real machines. Additionally we have made a number of instructional films to support the task training. In these short films an actor guides the students into the world of a machinist. PantaMedia is responsible for the realization of the learning environment, the interactive simulations as well as the instructional films.

  • Training modules

    PACCAR Parts

    We create instructional films for PACCAR Parts that are a part of learning modules. In addition, we develop a learning environment with specific product information. With the help of our PantaPresenter we are able offer these learning modules across the entire European dealer network of PACCAR Parts. That is why we offer the learning modules in 13 languages. Next to this we also produce product films that are used for commercial purposes.

  • Customer-friendly communication


    What does it take to properly communicate with your customer? In the learning environment we have produced for Kenteq we give a number of examples on how to interact with your customers while working inside of their home. First we show you the bad way to communicate and then we explain how it can be improved upon. The learning environment offers advice on how to be customer-friendly and communicate effectively; it does not offer you standard lines that you should say. The participant can decide for him or herself what path he or she will take in the learning environment and what issues are most important to him or her.

  • NH-meting en veiligheid


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  • Workplace Trainer Tool

    KOC Netherlands

    For the knowledge centre of grooming we have developed a learning environment with regards to communication between student and workplace trainer. In this learning environment we have included many cases that make it clear that communication is of great importance. Through practical examples (film) and tips from associated companies, participants will get a good idea of what the consequences of poor communication may be. The participant can decide what path of modules he or she will follow. These modules correspond to the plan that the workplace trainer and the trainee are currently following.

  • e-Suite

    The City of Helmond

    These training modules are used to teach employees the workings of a new accounting system used within the organization. The system is mastered through case studies and practical examples. The modules are offered inside of our PantaPresenter and they contain assignments. These modules are also used as a reference guide and/or manual.

  • Product Finder


    For the sales department of Lavans we have developed the Product finder. With this tool, employees can make a price calculation of the various products and services that Lavans offers. The endresult of a calculation is an estimate in the form of a PDF-file, which can then quickly be sent to the customers of Lavans.



    Together with BAM and TNO we have developed an online learning environment with regard to "resilience and safety on the building site". The substantive expertise of TNO, combined with the practical examples of BAM and the didactic knowledge of PantaMedia has resulted in this learning environment that is used by the site staff, the contractors and the management. The different modules are offered through PantaPresenter to various target groups.

  • MVO Knowledge Centre


    For the knowledge centre of MVO, the chain organization for oils and fats, we have developed a learning environment in which consumers can find information about the industry and its products. There is also a content management system in place so that the employees of MVO can keep the content up-to-date.

  • Problem Solving

    Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

    In collaboration with NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) we have developed a learning environment focused on Problem Solving. How do you approach a problem? What types of problems can you encounter? How can you solve these problems? This learning environment is used to answer all these questions during lessons of the "IT and Electronics" course.

  • Milo & Lana

    Milo Foundation

    This sign language DVD and online application are a part of the early intervention program KLIN© which uses anchor-driven instruction for toddlers and pre-schoolers with cognitive, motor, sensory or multiple disabilities. Picture books have been published for several of these themes and they have also been made available as animated stories on iPad and Android tablets. This environment and the animations have been realized in cooperation with "Edwin van den Heuvel graphics and animation".

  • InfoCenter


    For Lavans we have developed the InfoCenter in which the employees of Lavans can find all relevant information regarding products, services, organization and management. This knowledge platform is freely accessible for all employees, while still taking into account that some privileged company information should only be accessible to certain employees. Please get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about this concept.

  • Dinion Camera

    Bosch Security Systems

    For Bosch Security Systems we have developed an interactive CD-ROM (8 languages) in which the many possibilities of the new Dinion cameras were presented. Through film clips and documentation the viewer gets a complete picture of the qualities of these surveillance cameras.