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About PantaMedia

There is a need to convert existing training courses into multimedia courses. There is a need for blended learning. There is need for people to think along with you on the subject of learning. For this purpose PantaMedia was called into existence 15 years ago. Turning information into knowledge and distributing it to participants and students. To secure knowledge, transfer it and make it accessible. That is what we do. Call us the architects of education, distributors of knowledge, e-learning specialists, training consultants or multimedia experts if you will. The fact is that we answer questions about training and realize courses for companies and institutions.

The products we develop are all in-house productions. Next to a team of programmers developing the training academies, we also have a team of multimedia experts consisting of graphic designers, directors, cameramen, 3D animators and interaction designers. All disciplines which are needed to shape your knowledge into attractive learning modules. Learning modules and courses meant for various companies and institutions.

Within organizations the distribution of knowledge will not be easy. That is why we pay great attention to the implementation process. We assist and advise the entire organization to "new learning" and involve all departments and disciplines in the realization of the new instruments.

PantaMedia develops and implements educational tools that can be housed in both online and offline learning environments. As well as educational tools that are a part of a blended learning concept. The range of possibilities and solutions is extremely broad. We develop stand-alone learning environments that meet all possible requirements. Next to that we also develop tools that can be integrated into existing academies. For clients and industries we have developed a wide variety of products.

Because of all these in-house disciplines we are able to quickly respond to the demands of our clients. We would love to show you our approach to projects and what we mean when we talk about training courses. That is why we regularly start pilot projects. By setting up a pilot project we can show what PantaMedia can do for your organization.


Doing good for the world
We support Dutch foundations working in different African countries. PantaMedia selflessly produces reports and documentaries for these foundations that can be used for various purposes.