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A + O Metalektro


Galaxy is the combined effort of social partners and A+O Metalektro. This digital learning environment supports workers in the metal and electrical industry in their constant development.

The platform visually resembles a galaxy. Three types of planets appear in the Galaxy. These planets contain information about industry specific subjects. The yellow planets are the knowledge objects, the blue planets are the learning objects and the green planets are experience objects. Inside of the Galaxy it is easy to quickly obtain information in knowledge objects, follow a complete learning module in a learning object or directly apply your gained knowledge in an experience object. There are also planets that are filled with company-specific knowledge. These objects and their content may be created and maintained by the companies themselves. This way Galaxy is used as a knowledge platform.

In addition, the Galaxy offers employees the opportunity to build their own portfolio of work and learning experiences. Both the University of Technology of Eindhoven and Twente are closely involved in the development of Galaxy.